A Study In Palpations

Lonny held insomnia in contempt. They loathed unabashingly both light and dark. Countless days melded together in their stomach acid of depleted pH. Years of castor oil quaff rendered them sagging pockets of fat draping deteriorating muscular dystrophy. A dysmorphic view of their poultry prison. Days spent on their side, gripping bones popsicle frame, smearing … Continue reading A Study In Palpations


An Offering Of Incisors: A Manifesto For The Unhinging Of Spinal Column Constipation

An Affair With Arson You fetishize an outbreak. Salivate at the sound of ambulance drivers parting seas of mini vans en route to deliver a human pustule to intensive care. Your knees are weak from worship, kow-towed in a permanent state of stateliness; forever genuflecting to the hovering of everyone who lives and whoever has … Continue reading An Offering Of Incisors: A Manifesto For The Unhinging Of Spinal Column Constipation

A waste of maternity snail-trailing vert

A conglomerate of viscous sourced desire painted the peeling wall. Oxidation of overlooked ovum plastered the surrounding vertical encroachment; an ever changing gradient of time spent in open air. The drippings ranged from an ectoplasmic transparency to a deli mustard pale yellow, then sodden butcher paper brown, then finally a black bile complete with braille-like … Continue reading A waste of maternity snail-trailing vert

Notes on Frequenting Trapdoors/ Mavis

Notes on Frequenting Trapdoors We burn through water like it's blood, so say goodbye to your familial ties. I will gut your rotisserie chicken from inside you with a double edged costco card. Best you don't get too complacent in your jissom tinged opiatic drawers; curtsy cute like and sit in shit. Impending orgasmic tickles … Continue reading Notes on Frequenting Trapdoors/ Mavis

Screaming Into Car’s Exhaust

Communal similitude is the bruising of knees begging for scalp's extraction from skullcap. It is not spoken aloud, but the desire to flow red and pave streets with copper is well understood. I am here to absolve you of your placated busy-bodying about; welcome your turmoil with nothing less than innards outting. My heart throbs … Continue reading Screaming Into Car’s Exhaust

Aphorisms For Embodying The Pit

Book of Revelations Forthcoming From the Bodega, Written in Glass Dick on Silken Roses or: Aphorisms For Embodying the Pit The best way to purge glass from deep tissue is by introducing more glass to the system. Familiarize yourself with the importance of the pen, if you decapitate the tip it can be used for … Continue reading Aphorisms For Embodying The Pit

Soney Sinew

It's late and I’m tired from the hours but I must keep my eyes open until tomorrow's tape is complete. Without it sleep would be pointless. He sat up in the double bed, covers crumpled beneath his work clothes, and drew enough energy from his expounded exhalation to position himself upright. Golden grease coated his … Continue reading Soney Sinew

Learn How To Bleed Right

What say you, sniveling, comatose commerce recepticles? Putting the cunt back in accountability, I ain't no safe space for a family of 1.5 children. Covered in bed bugs, pussed over twice that of starched socks. Too much work these days to receive some relief; So I spit the walls brown till they drip dry crystalline.  … Continue reading Learn How To Bleed Right